Residential dry cleaning & laundry services

Residential Services

Our residential customers understand that laundry is a time-consuming, ongoing challenge for both business associates on the go and large families.

MIT Cleaning provides confidential and reliable services that ensure your clothes, comforters and linens are cleaned, sanitized, folded or hung, and returned to you quickly.

Proper care, which includes washing and drycleaning, can extend the life of fabrics. This helps you get more from your investment.

We accept a variety of items that the average residence requires, including:

  Home textiles

  Area rugs

  Care and restoration of clothing

  Formal wear cleaning and preservation

  Cleaning and preservation of wedding gowns

  Preparing winter wear for summer storage

Undergarments and linens

Weighted blankets

Dog or cat beds

Sofa and chair covers

  Comforters, towels and weighted blankets

Indoor/outdoor cushion covers

  Laundry services for small or large families

MIT Cleaning provides the highest quality and service standards, backed by over twenty years in the industry. Our staff is experienced in stain removal, and exercise the utmost care while cleaning your items. We are proud to report that we always return 100% of our client’s clothes safely and effectively laundered, dried and folded for your convenience.

We know that your time is valuable and our focus is on providing and value and we strive to provide you the best service. Our staff is highly trained and has an eye for detail, which ensures your clothing and linens are properly cared for and returned in excellent condition.

Sign up for ongoing weekly services, or pick and choose the services you need.

We look forward to serving you!

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